Our cables

From the immersive depths of the Arctic seas to the blue skies of the far east, our custom-engineered cable solutions are built to last.

Cables built to last

Our products range all the way down from umbilical subsea cables up to tethers for balloons. Select your market to see some of our solutions.


Made to master the seas with striking innovation and long-term durability: our innovative cables serve navies worldwide. We are one of a select few cable manufacturers who can combine several types of high-strength components in a single group, resulting in maximum drag reduction and tow strength. These systems are ideal for operations that require swift deployment and high reliability.


All lead-in seismic cable terminations and fairing applications are performed in-house, which enables us to provide our clients with turn-key solutions. For new applications, we have experience in performing design studies, developing trial products and running qualification tests. As a result, DeRegt is capable of producing increasingly light cables with ever smaller diameters.

Oil & gas

Our intelligent subsea solutions such as blow-out preventers, ROV umbilical cables and fiber- optic monitoring sensors provide an element of dependability in a fast-paced environment. Our engineers are familiar with the design challenges inherent to delivering umbilical cables that can function satisfactorily under all circumstances. Our designs and manufacturing processes provide great flexibility, excellent durability, neutral buoyancy and minimum drag.

Renewable energy

The offshore renewables industry is growing rapidly and is constantly seeking to improve overall efficiency. DeRegt offers a range of umbilical systems and specialized marine cables for the renewable energy market. Our durable cable solutions range from low-voltage to medium- voltage cables for generating energy with floating tidal and wave-buoy installations. Our engineers are familiar with the design challenges inherent in delivering a product that functions satisfactorily in any given situation.

Aerostat / UAV

DeRegt takes cable solutions to the next level with its tether cables and terminations for Aerostats and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The light weight, narrow diameters, high breaking strength and long lifetime of our aerostat tether cables guarantee maximum performance under any given circumstances. Our aerostat cables are custom-made and engineered to the client’s specifications.


Since our clients are going deeper than even before, we develop ROV umbilical and tether cables that are lighter and stronger, making them a dependable connection for all subsea activities. We can design cables for most standard ROVs and we are able to develop systems for new applications based on our clients’ specifications. Our innovative cable solutions are designed to deliver reliability and performance under the most extreme circumstances.


  • Breaking strengths from 250 kN till 600 kN
  • Torque balance optimized design
  • Various types of fairing setups

impulsive source

  • Qualified for all source systems
  • Hose sizes from ¾” to 1.25”
  • Burst pressure reinforced hose over 800 bar
  • Optimized to minimize outer diameter

impulsive source

  • Qualified for all source systems
  • Hose sizes from ¾” to 1.25”
  • Burst pressure reinforced hose over 800 bar
  • Optimized to minimize outer diameter

tether cable

  • Light weight design
  • Aramid strength member
  • Designed for deep water application

Remotely operate vehicle tether cable for a Mine Counter Measure system

  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Includes electrical and optical components
  • Flexible and small diameter design

Tow cable

  • Flexible tow cable
  • Electro optical components
  • Lightweight braiding

tow cable

  • High tensile steel construction in combination with optimized lay angles
  • Electro optical cable
  • Up to 10km waterdepth

DAS cable
(distributed acoustic sensing)

  • Engineered combining high grade extrusion materials
  • Multiple optical fibers with high bend insensitivity
  • Designed for on land and in well / offshore usage

Launch and recovery

  • Eight layer lightweight strength member (terminated break strength 365tonne)
  • Electro optical core 200 kW system
  • Up to 3.5km waterdepth

CPT cable
(cone penetration)

  • Free flooding pressure balanced design
  • Combination of electrical components and high pressure hoses
  • Internal flexible steel strength member

Dynamic power cable
used for
wave buoy system

  • Design life of 30 years – 100 Million wave cycles
  • Six core three phase design
  • Optical package for carrying information and sensing purposes

Blue Nodules

  • Qualified design life 20 years
  • Hybrid Power and communication cable
  • Rated for 6km water depth

Lightweight aerostat
tether cable

  • Features unique DeRegt lightweight construction
  • Includes electrical and optical components
  • Optimum tensile strength to weight ratio

Aerostat cable with
lightning protection

  • Specially designed for 2008 Olympic Games
  • High break strength
  • Including lightning protection

Middle weight
ROV class cable

  • Two layer armour package
  • High temperature resistant materials
  • Optical fiber communication
  • 4km waterdepth

Fall pipe

  • Triple layer high tensile steel
  • Combination of High power, auxiliary power and communication
  • Up to 3.5km waterdepth


  • High tensile steel package to support cable weight
  • High power consumption – 1.5mW power
  • Combination of main power, auxiliary and communication pairs
  • 750 meter length

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