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In ocean energy projects, the path to success is multifaceted, with numerous components synergizing to forge a functional system. Among these, the marine cable stands out as a key element. Choosing a marine cable that needs more power capacity or durability can maintain the efficiency and viability of your ocean energy project. So, the pressing question is: how do you pinpoint the ideal marine cable tailored to your project’s unique demands?

On this page, you’ll uncover information containing every facet of your ocean energy project. We delve into the latest advancements in marine cable technology and unravel the complex interplay between your ocean energy system and the most fitting cable solutions.

The crucial question remains: how do you select the appropriate marine cable for your ocean energy project? The answer begins with choosing the right supplier and understanding the inherent challenges and requirements of the ocean energy sector.

Strategic partnerships: the key to success in offshore energy

In the competitive ocean energy market, selecting the right supplier transcends the mere procurement of cables. It’s about forging a strategic partnership that adeptly steers through the complexities of these projects. The early involvement of the supplier is crucial to ensure that every component, particularly the subsea cables, aligns perfectly with the specific requirements of your project.

A proficient partner in ocean energy extends beyond mere supply; they collaborate with you to engineer solutions that enhance the functionality of your systems. This aspect is particularly critical in ocean energy, where striking the right balance between cost-efficiency and the durability of subsea cables is paramount.

Opting for a supplier with profound expertise in subsea cable technology offers more than just cables; it brings on board a committed ally dedicated to the success of your project. This partnership ensures that your equipment is high-performing and tailored to meet the unique challenges posed by ocean energy.

To comprehend how such a partnership can transform ocean energy projects, explore our use case. We are committed to advancing this sector by providing robust, adaptable subsea cable designs. These designs are a testament to the remarkable outcomes achievable through close collaboration with our clients, showcasing our dedication to promoting the growth of the ocean energy field.

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As the leading provider of custom-designed and manufactured umbilical systems and specialized marine cables, we know what it takes to build dependable cable solutions for our clients. Our engineers are familiar with the design challenges inherent in delivering a product that functions satisfactorily in any given situation.

A fine range of umbilical systems and marine cables:

  • PowerBuoy umbilicals
  • Mooring communication lines
  • Low- and medium-voltage dynamic umbilicals and terminations
Dynamic power cable
used for wave buoy system
Solution Item Image
  • Design life of 30 years – 100 Million wave cycles
  • Six core three phase design
  • Optical package for carrying information and sensing purposes
Blue Nodules
Solution Item Image
  • Qualified design life 20 years
  • Hybrid Power and communication cable
  • Rated for 6km water depth

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Are you in the process of selecting the right cable for your engineering project? Discuss your specifications with us, receive a free cable design and make sure you pick the perfect cable for your application.

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Renewable energy

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In cooperation with Thales, DeRegt developed tow cables for the CAPTAS 2 and CAPTAS 4 sonar systems, which are used by multiple navies worldwide. The cables were designed to meet the demanding operational requirements of and the harsh conditions faced by naval forces. DeRegt sonar systems and cables are used by the Royal Navy, the Italian Navy, the French Navy, the Norwegian Navy and many more!

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In the demanding world of seismic exploration, your challenges are unique. You need solutions that meet and exceed the rigorous demands of deep-sea environments. At DeRegt, we understand this. That’s why we offer seismic cable solutions designed around your specific needs, ensuring your exploration projects are successful, efficient and reliable. Engage with one of our experts today to see how our custom cable solutions can transform seismic exploration.