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Cost efficient and reliable ROV cable solutions

Within ROV projects, success depends on a lot of factors as many components build up the entire system. For example, the ROV cable is only a part of the whole, but buying an ROV cable that’s too short or can’t lift enough weight is fatal to your subsea project. How do you find the perfect ROV cable?

On this page, you’ll find information about every aspect of your deep-sea ROV project; from the latest developments in the ROV market to the connection between your ROV system and the optimal cable requirements.

Let’s start with the most important question: how do you find the right ROV cable for your specific subsea project? It all starts with finding the right supplier.

More than just a supplier: the importance of strategic partners

A supplier delivers one or more components for your subsea project, it is as simple as that. But is it?

It shouldn’t be as simple as that. All these components work together to make your subsea project a guaranteed success. As an engineer, this is a complex process. A process in which all support is welcome.

That’s why we believe in Early Supplier Involvement. With suppliers who support the engineer through the entire process, the whole project benefits. For example, if ROV Cables support the other components as well as possible, the ROV might be able to reach greater depths or lift heavier weights.

With Early Supplier Involvement and knowing who your supplier for each component will be as early as possible, you allow suppliers to become more than just a supplier. After all, strategic partners are much more useful and positively benefit your Return On Investment!

A supplier simply delivers what you asked for. A Strategic Partner thinks along with you about the final solution and how it should work in combination with other components. That’s a big difference.

The result is co-creation: creating the final solution that ensures that your system operates optimally. We solve challenges together, each supplier with their own expertise. Cooperation is the key to any successful ROV project!

rov cable trends

4 ROV Cable-trends and consequences for specific industries [2023 edition]

What are the effects of a changing world on using ROVs and the designs of marine cables? And what does this mean for your ROV project? Our experts wrote this trend report to help you understand which developments will affect your cable design. This trend report highlights 4 trends and 4 industries affected by these trends.

Subsea ROV Trends (and their impact on the cable)

The world is developing rapidly and the same is true for ROVs and subsea cables. But do you know the effects of the latest trends and developments on your own subsea project?

Knowledge is power, so it is key to know what is going on in this interesting field of work.

ROV Cable Construction

Each subsea project is different and the same is true for the corresponding (ROV) cable construction. After all, ROV systems are used for a broad range of purposes.

Which type of ROV cable is best for your subsea project? And how does your ROV system impact the design of the required cable?

ROV System Requirements vs Cable Requirements

To get the right cable it is absolutely vital to determine the system requirements. After all, the ROV system largely impacts the cable requirements and fit-for-purpose design.

There are 7 system requirements for ROVs that impact the cable design. On this page, we explain the impact of every one of them.

ROV Cable Manufacturer: DeRegt

Early supplier involvement, co-creation and strategic partners are crucial for a successful subsea project. By ensuring that all components are properly taken care of by experts, you will have less to worry about in terms of the big picture.

Our cable experts know everything about ROV requirements and the corresponding cable.

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Are you in the process of selecting the right cable for your engineering project? Discuss your specifications with us, receive a free cable design and make sure you pick the perfect cable for your application.

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