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Within defense projects, success depends on a lot of factors as many components build up the entire system. How do you find the perfect defense or sonar cable to make your project successful?

On this page, you’ll find information about every aspect of your sonar system project; from the various sonar systems to the connection between your desired sonar system and the optimal cable requirements. Of course, we’ll also dive deeper into one of the most important aspects of your defense project: testing and validating.

Let’s start with the most important question: how do you find the right sonar cable for your specific subsea project? It all starts with finding the right supplier.

Finding the right cable, including support through entire project

More than just suppliers: the importance of strategic partners

In your subsea project, you’ll need a lot of different components. Inevitably, this means you’ll work with various suppliers. For a truly successful project, a mere supplier won’t be enough. A supplier is someone who simply delivers the product to your door. For success, going the extra mile is crucial.

Especially in a project with so many components, it is important that a supplier thinks along about how the components work together. That’s why Early Supplier Involvement and co-creation with strategic partners can make the difference!

By knowing who your suppliers for each component will be as early as possible, you allow suppliers to become more than just a supplier. A strategic partner thinks about the final solution together with you. The result is co-creation: together you create the component that ensures that your system operates optimally.

Another advantage of working together with strategic partners is that they often have other facilities at their disposal than you do. Joining forces might take your components, like a sonar cable, to the next level.

For example, testing and validating are crucial in the defense market. You must validate that certain requirements have been met. You might not have the right facilities to test and analyze every aspect. That’s when cooperation with the right partners can add immense value.

In the case of a sonar cable, there are a couple of important tests you must execute to validate your end product thoroughly.

7 mechanical tests for your Sonar Cable

There are many aspects to designing a dynamic cable for sonar systems. For example, a cable can be meant to move while in use, as happens when towing or because of wave motion. Other aspects are torque balancing, crush resistance and fatigue life.

To verify each of these aspects, testing and analyzing are of vital importance. In fact, there are 7 important mechanical tests that are used for proper verification. Three examples of tests are

  • Elongation vs load
  • Rotation and torque vs load
  • Ultimate tensile strength

> Blog: Find out what the other important tests are
> Whitepaper: Download detailed explanations about these tests

Read Blog & Downl. Whitepaper

E-book: Testing and Validating – Specifications for Sonar Systems

Which specifications match your cabling needs? How do you choose the perfect subsea cable that suits all other sonar system components?

These questions are crucial for a successful subsea project. To help you understand how specifications, testing, and validating of cables work, our engineers created thorough guidelines.

Towed Sonar Array Cables and other Underwater Defense Solutions

Various naval systems use underwater defense cables. Each of these systems has its own requirements and components the cable should connect to. How can you, as an engineer, know everything about all of these components?

Read more about various cable solutions for naval systems, like a towed sonar array system, here:

Sonar Cable Specifications: Crucial Requirements for Military Projects

To define the right sonar cable for your military project, you need knowledge about the various requirements of your naval system. Which requirements are crucial for your project?

Read everything about cable specifications, requirements and how a strict design process enables success:

Subsea Cable Testing for Sonar Systems

To be able to prove to your customer that all specifications and requirements have been met, testing and validation are indispensable. How do you do this as time and cost-efficiently as possible?

Subsea Cable Testing is one of five important verification methods. Read more about these methods here:

Underwater Cable Manufacturers

Early supplier involvement, co-creation and strategic partners are crucial for a successful defense or naval project. By ensuring that all components are properly taken care of by experts, you will be certain that every component functions as it should.

Our underwater cable manufacturers and experts know everything about naval specifications and the corresponding cable. How can we help you?

Request custom cable

Are you in the process of selecting the right cable for your engineering project? Discuss your specifications with us, receive a free cable design and make sure you pick the perfect cable for your application.

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