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Peter Brussee

Sales Manager Oil & Gas
With DeRegt since: 2003

‘It’s the diversity and the charm of a technical company that makes it so interesting’

Peter received his Bachelors’ degrees in Electronics/Telematics and commercial economics from the University of professional education in The Hague. He started his career developing and installing safety equipment for construction and infrastructure and working at a marine naval base. At DeRegt he has held various positions, in the project management department as well as the sales department.
He is now responsible for the expansion of DeRegt into more diversified market areas, such as sustainable energy, sensor and sensing and specialty Oil&Gas niches, such as deep water repair work.

‘In the sales department at DeRegt, you are in a dynamic environment; you work together with your sales colleagues in the Netherlands and your sales colleagues in China. One moment you will be engaging with our sales strategy and immediately afterwards you might be on the phone with a client about high-end cables for a new deep-sea project. We negotiate contracts, check export requirements of manufactured cables, and also travel to clients and trade fairs, put together invoices and cost estimations. The communication with designers is key, especially in projects which are centred around complex calculations such as load profiles and heat profiles.’

What makes your work so enjoyable?
‘Especially the diversity and the charm of a technical company make it so interesting.
There is close cooperation at all levels and in all areas, and in additional to this there is a great deal of interaction with the technical side of the company. The systems that are offered are complex, and they require quite a lot of guidance. Most products are then also used in a very extreme environment, which makes it even more challenging. Every single day is different!’

Is there life beyond DeRegt?
‘In my spare time, I like to work on small construction projects; making something is an important way to relax. Psychology is another area of interest. But I’m also very happy when I sit down for a good board game or a good boxset. I have two daughters and two sons; my wife Hanneke combines her job in healthcare with the management of the homefront.’

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  • Roger Sand

    Aker Solutions

    We asked them to replace a cable system from 50 years ago (!), on location at a deep sea platform (!). They delivered on every angle.

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