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Marco Cano

Sales & Marketing Director
With DeRegt since: 2021

‘Working in an international, high-tech environment is the best’

Hello! I’m a seasoned professional with a knack for transforming challenges into opportunities and achieving record-breaking successes across diverse industries. Through visionary strategies and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I’ve navigated complex global dynamics to orchestrate multi-million-dollar ventures and forge pivotal partnerships that set new industry benchmarks.

One of my standout accomplishments has been spearheading international market penetration efforts for renowned bespoke hydraulic control equipment manufacturers driving a strong market presence in the Gulf of Mexico’s offshore and onshore sectors. With a history of crafting groundbreaking market strategies, I’ve joined forces with European subsea cable manufacturers, along with European energy industry clients, through strategic US partnerships.

My credibility shines through as I’ve championed the development of multi-million-dollar key accounts throughout the Americas, translating to millions in regional revenue. Imagine overseeing six diverse product lines and directing sales operations for two factory locations – all with an impressive average annual sales volume. Forward-thinking leadership is my forte, and I’m poised to drive transformative growth on a global scale.

With a track record that reflects a blend of sales prowess and business development acumen, I’ve consistently fueled the expansion of international companies into the Americas market. I thrive in remote and independent work environments, drawing from my expertise in sales, mechanical engineering, operations, service, and consulting.

As a client-focused advocate, I stand as the voice of the company while championing clients’ interests. My innovative thinking comes to life as I devise winning strategies to capture market share and navigate diverse hierarchies within key accounts. From internal management to decision-makers, I communicate persuasively to pave the way for success.

While my roots are deep in subsea oil and gas, I’m excited to pivot towards renewable hydrogen energy. Armed with an impressive background, I’ve successfully completed the “Hydrogen Economy Program” from the University of Houston and enrolled in Stanford University’s “Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program” to refine my expertise in renewable energy. My goal is to transition from product-oriented sales to the intricate realm of high-stakes, large capital investment projects that drive the renewable energy frontier.

If you’re seeking a dynamic leader who can redefine industries and drive global growth, let’s connect.

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  • Roger Sand

    Aker Solutions

    We asked them to replace a cable system from 50 years ago (!), on location at a deep sea platform (!). They delivered on every angle.

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