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Jeroen Romijn

Marketing manager
With DeRegt since: 2008

‘Working in an international, high-tech environment is the best’

Jeroen is Sales Manager Defense at DeRegt Cables in the Netherlands. Jeroen holds a Bachelors’ degrees in commercial economics from the University of professional education in The Hague. After several years of working in retail, he joined DeRegt in 2008. Today he is responsible for the defense market and marketing of DeRegt and he has successfully helped international clients like Thales, Hitachi and the US government to find their perfect cable solution.

‘I am responsible for the sales and relationship management of our defense portfolio. This includes client visits, sending quotes, contract negotiations, but also visiting trade fairs and conferences. And then I am also responsible for the marketing communications.’

What makes your work so enjoyable?
‘Working in an international environment with high tech products is something that holds enormous appeal to me. I often get to spend time in environments you would not normally get access to, for example a seismic research ship, or a shipyard where submarines are built. It’s always fun to witness and learn about the challenges most of our clients face, and how we can help them overcome these. Most of our clients work on new products and/or solutions, and it is thrilling to reach a solution with a client, through co-engineering. That is why I value the build up of long-term relationships; openness and honesty are therefore the most factors to me when working together.’

Is there life beyond DeRegt?
‘In my spare time I like to exercise, for example by boxing and running. I regularly compete in competitive runs or obstacle races. I love music and visit concerts and festivals to watch my favourite bands and artists, and to discover new music. I also love traveling and like to go on adventures with my wife, son and daughter.’

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    Aker Solutions

    We asked them to replace a cable system from 50 years ago (!), on location at a deep sea platform (!). They delivered on every angle.

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