ROV Cable Manufacturer: DeRegt

How our experts help to make your ROV project a success – from Early Supplier Involvement to a Strategic Partnership

In order to make your subsea project a guaranteed success, every component must be exactly right. Each component is a small part of a bigger whole, but they’re all equally important.

That’s why early supplier involvement, co-creation and strategic partners are so important. By ensuring that all components are properly taken care of by experts, you will have less to worry about in terms of the big picture.

Our cable experts know everything about ROV requirements and the corresponding cable. On this page, we explain how our in-house expertise will support all your cabling needs.

Your ROV Project: Early Supplier Involvement is Key

Ideally, you know who your supplier will be for each component as early as possible from each component. With Early Supplier Involvement, you give suppliers the opportunity to become more than just a supplier. After all, strategic partners are much more useful!

A strategic partner thinks along with you about the final solution. A supplier delivers what you ask for. Quite often, you don’t know exactly what is needed for success. Take the cable, for example. By choosing a cable supplier who thinks along with you as a strategic partner, you know for sure that you will receive the cable that best suits your application.

The result is co-creation: together you create the final solution that ensures that your system operates optimally. With strategic partners, you can also solve challenges together, each thinking from his own expertise. Cooperation is key!

In-house expertise & Field Service

Our in-house expertise is not limited to in-house use, thanks to our Field Service. Our experts and engineers are happy to help on location if any assistance is needed.

Any damage or downtime can harm your subsea project and should be fixed as quickly as possible. That’s where the expertise of our field engineers comes in. With their knowledge of ROV systems and cable requirements, they’ll help your crew find the cause and fix it, in order to minimize downtime as much as possible.

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Supporting engineers through the entire process

We already emphasized the importance of Early Supplier Involvement. As a cable supplier, DeRegt really wants to support your engineers through the entire process. This is beneficial for the project as a whole.

Any issues your engineers might encounter can be discussed with our cabling experts. The application of the cable will always be leading. How deep must the cable be able to go? And which weight is it going to lift?

Additionally, we offer storage possibilities and long-term warranties. Does something happen to the cable after a long time? Our specialists will advise you on the best solutions.

Custom Cable Design

Not sure yet if a DeRegt cable is the right choice for your project? Experience the possibilities with your own eyes! Discuss your specifications with us, receive a custom cable design and make sure you pick the perfect cable for your application.