Underwater Cable Manufacturer: DeRegt

From Early Supplier Involvement to a Strategic Partnership – the right underwater cable manufacturer makes the difference within your Defense Project!

For a successful underwater defense project, all components are important as part of the bigger whole. But how can you make sure that all these parts fit perfectly together?

Early Supplier Involvement and co-creation with strategic partners can make the difference! By making sure that all components are properly taken care of by experts, you will have less to worry about in terms of the big picture.

On this page, we explain how the right in-house expertise of (underwater cable) manufacturers can guarantee the success of your subsea project. We’ll focus on feasibility, testing facilities, delivery times and more.

A Successful Defense Project: Early Supplier Involvement is Key

As sonar systems consist of many components, it is important that suppliers work closely together for a system that meets all requirements. For example, your towed array sonar manufacturer and underwater cable manufacturer have to know how the components are connected for a perfect termination.

This is why it’s a best practice to know who your suppliers for each component will be as early as possible.

With Early Supplier Involvement, you give suppliers the opportunity to become more than just a supplier. After all, strategic partners are much more useful!

Quite often, you don’t know exactly what is needed for success. A strategic partner thinks about the final solution together with you. The result is co-creation: together you create the component that ensures that your system operates optimally.

With strategic partners, you can solve challenges as a team while each supplier works on his own expertise. Cooperation is key!

Feasibility Check: assessing possibilities and challenges

As an engineer, you often get requests or requirements from your clients about what a sonar system should look like. It can be difficult to assess whether this plan is realistic.

That is why DeRegt, as a strategic partner, likes to go the extra mile. Our experts can make that assessment with you!

In this Feasibility Check, we assess what is possible and what is not, and why certain specifications are necessary (or redundant) for the goals of the project.

Our experts are happy to help you draw up realistic and feasible specifications. Share your challenges with us here:

Plan your own feasibility check

Finding an Underwater Cable Manufacturer with the facilities to test and validate your cable properly

A strategic partner for your underwater cable can have other advantages besides the specifications and requirements, especially in the defense market.

In Defense, testing and validating are crucial for success. Not only can a strategic partner like DeRegt determine which tests are important for your product; we can execute these tests in our own facilities. This means you do not have to worry about validation and how you are going to get it done.

> Read more about testing and analyzing your cable (and the importance of it) here

There are two more important advantages that DeRegt can offer as a strategic partner and underwater cable manufacturer:

  • Aligning the project schedule in order to enable fast delivery times, without compromising on quality
  • Storage possibilities
  • Reasonable warranties

Request your Custom Cable Design

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