Finding the perfect cable for your challenge

It all starts with a conversation. Maybe you already have a complete cable design. Or maybe you have not even started yet. Together we will dive deep into your challenge, and will find the perfect solution for you.

Our process

In six easy steps we define the perfect cable solution for you. After that there is only
one step left: getting you connected.



Plan a conversation. Together we can meet your specific needs.

Your specific needs



Defining your score of work. This is the beginning. We come up with a design plan and a prognose for the expected work. Want to know more about this phase? Download our whitepaper.

Download whitepaper



We design your cable for free (!) and we align the design with your organisation, so we can create the perfect cable solution.



No cable is perfect without a proper way to connect it. So let’s discuss your termination needs. Do you need anything else, fairings or a certain specific tests for example? No worries, we cover that here as well.




Our tailor-made proposal is at your disposal: including the (engineering) layout, the design and a detailed planning and estimate.


The Works

The last step of our process is the first step in manufacturing your perfect high quality, vigorous and long lasting cable solution. Let’s get to work!

At DeRegt, innovation means collaboration. Have a chat with our team or visit our factory and experience our state-of-the-art cable manufacturing and testing facilities as well as our research and development, service and logistics departments.