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Cansın Yüksel Pelk

Design Engineer
With DeRegt since: 2018

‘Every day offers a new challenge!’

Cansın received her PhD from the Geosciences and Engineering Department of the Delft University of Technology in 2017. During her PhD, she developed a framework to improve production efficiency in the mining industry by bringing
together two different concepts in one idea: geostatistics and data analysis. As a design engineer at DeRegt Cables she manages projects on behalf of the team, where she works closely together with corporate clients to achieve their desired specifications.

‘After finishing my PhD, I was introduced to DeRegt and the world of cable solutions. With this opportunity, I decided to step out of my comfort zone to bring my experiences and skills to a new discipline and an unfamiliar industry. Since then, I have enjoyed a very fulfilling work life at DeRegt Cables.’

What makes your work so enjoyable?
‘The fact that we have a different job to do every day. Since DeRegt focuses on custom cable manufacturing, we never repeat the same job and every day offers a different challenge! I also like the close contact we have with our clients. From the beginning until the end of a project we are in close communication with them. We set realistic and clear deadlines in the beginning and we keep our communication clear along the way. We inform them periodically of progress of the project.’

Is there life beyond DeRegt?
‘I have two furry balls (cats) at home; Wasabi and Ginger. I love spending my time with them, they are very funny and they really make me happy! I also enjoy creating handmade embroidery and I love traveling to places where I have never been before.’

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  • Roger Sand

    Aker Solutions

    We asked them to replace a cable system from 50 years ago (!), on location at a deep sea platform (!). They delivered on every angle.

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