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Umbilical cable solutions: world class in oil & gas

Oil & gas

The oil and gas industry is facing essential changes, which comes with new challenges for suppliers. DeRegt boasts over 90 years of experience with innovations in the offshore sector. We lead the pack with our umbilical cable solutions. Our intelligent subsea solutions such as blow-out preventers, ROV umbilical cables and fiber-optic monitoring sensors provide an element of dependability in a fast-paced environment.

DeRegt cable solutions: world class in oil and gas

Our engineers are familiar with the design challenges inherent to delivering umbilical cables that can function satisfactorily under all circumstances. DeRegt’s designs and manufacturing processes provide great flexibility, excellent durability, neutral buoyancy and minimum drag.

In-house engineering, testing and production

Custom-engineered cables by DeRegt combine maximum strength with a minimum diameter to enable efficient data and power transmission whilst surviving repeated duty cycles over long periods of time, typically in the harshest of conditions. The excellent engineering and flawless production of our umbilical cable solutions for the offshore sector make them an obvious choice.

A fine range of umbilical systems and marine cables for the offshore industry

  • Remotely operated vehicle mainlifts and tethers
  • Trenching and pipe-burying umbilicals
  • Fiber-optical monitoring and sensing cables
  • Multiplex blow-out preventer cables
tow cable
Solution Item Image
  • High tensile steel construction in combination with optimized lay angles
  • Electro optical cable
  • Up to 10km waterdepth
DAS cable
(distributed acoustic
Solution Item Image
  • Engineered combining high grade extrusion materials
  • Multiple optical fibers with high bend insensitivity
  • Designed for on land and in well / offshore usage
Launch and
recovery umbilical
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  • Eight layer lightweight strength member (terminated break strength 365tonne)
  • Electro optical core 200 kW system
  • Up to 3.5km waterdepth
CPT cable
(cone penetration)
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  • Free flooding pressure balanced design
  • Combination of electrical components and high pressure hoses
  • Internal flexible steel strength member

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Oil & gas

Oil & gas

Umbilical cable solutions: world class in oil & gas
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Global support

Our global partner network offers specialist technical and engineering assistance in repair, testing, termination and inspection. In-depth product understanding, engineering insight and a solution driven mentality make us the right partner in the design, development and delivery of reliable and fully qualified cable solutions.


Hitachi and DeRegt took the challenge of developing a mine-hunting sonar system that had to be completely non-magnetic. DeRegt developed and successfully qualified a two-cable system using a unique Nitronic 50 armour package. The first systems have been successfully installed on Japanese Navy vessels and exceed operational requirements.


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