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As a leading player in the naval defense sector, we know what it takes to develop and produce custom-engineered products for navies around the world. Our cable solutions are made to master the seas with striking innovation and long-term durability. Our engineers design, test and develop naval cable systems to our clients’ exact specifications.

A global partner in naval defense

Our unique knowledge about deep-sea cable systems, endless drive for innovation and spotless track record make DeRegt a dependable partner for major naval defense suppliers.

Maximum strength, maximum drag reduction.

Innovation is key when it comes to our naval defense cable solutions. DeRegt is one of a select few cable manufacturers who can combine several types of high-strength components in a single group, resulting in maximum drag reduction and tow strength. These systems are ideal for operations that require swift deployment and reliability.

Our range of naval defense solutions includes:

  • Tactical array cable systems
  • Tow and umbilical cables for in-line combined influence systems
  • Submarine cable systems (for sensors and power distribution)
  • Variable depth sonar cables
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) cables
tether cable
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  • Light weight design
  • Aramid strength member
  • Designed for deep water application
Remotely operate
vehicle tether cable for a
Mine Counter Measure system
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  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Includes electrical and optical components
  • Flexible and small diameter design
Tow cable
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  • Flexible tow cable
  • Electro optical components
  • Lightweight braiding

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Cable solutions for active and passive sonar systems
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Global support

Our global partner network offers specialist technical and engineering assistance in repair, testing, termination and inspection. In-depth product understanding, engineering insight and a solution driven mentality make us the right partner in the design, development and delivery of reliable and fully qualified cable solutions.


  • Hitachi and DeRegt took the challenge of developing a mine-hunting sonar system that had to be completely non-magnetic. DeRegt developed and successfully qualified a two-cable system using a unique Nitronic 50 armour package. The first systems have been successfully installed on Japanese Navy vessels and exceed operational requirements.


  • DeRegt designed and produced the tow cables for the Multi-static Active and Passive Sonar (MAPS) system developed by Ultra Maritime System. DeRegt was asked to design, qualify and produce tow cables for the sound source and the array. MAPS systems are installed on the Dutch navy vessels Zr.Ms. Van Speijk and Zr.Ms. Van Amstel.

    Ultra Maritime systems

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